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Post by Daniel on Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:37 am

For the best posting experience for each and everyone one of our members, please take a minute to read these forum guidelines:

- Think and ask yourself, "Is what I'm about to post going to contribute to the topic?"

- No one word posts. Please use full scentences and paragraphs if necessary.

- Do not use text language such as sk8, m8 e.t.c.

- Don't feel you have to reply to every single topic in the forum as it can be considered spam and get annoying to other members.

- "OMFG Saw the ride innit is amazin, i luvvvv that rid!" - Is totally unacceptable, please use proper language.

- Try your best to use correct grammar and spelling.

- Check for other topics on the forum when you are creating a new one to make sure it hasn't already been made.

- Provide a URL source if you use any information from other websites.

Any posts that are not acceptable will be edited by the Admin (Daniel) or the Moderators.

Most of all remember to have fun discussing theme parks.
Happy Posting on the Merlin Magic Forums! Very Happy

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