Thorpe Park Waterside Hotel

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Thorpe Park Waterside Hotel

Post by Daniel on Sat May 09, 2009 2:59 pm

"On Wednesday 1st April, the Runnymede Borough Council resolved to grant outline planning permission for the proposed development of the waterside hotel with unanimous support from the planning committee.

Merlin Entertainments Group, who owns the theme park, is committed to continual investment in the long-term success of THORPE PARK and these proposals are central to this. A hotel will not only enhance the quality of experience for day guests to the Park but also responds to growing customer demands for quality short break tourist destinations.

Chris Edge, Head of Development at THORPE PARK comments: “We are very pleased that the planning committee recognised the economic benefits that the development will bring to the local area. This is a fantastic development, which we believe will secure the future of the theme park in a very competitive leisure industry, whilst also securing 300 new jobs which are needed in these difficult economic times.”

THORPE PARK is one of the top five employers in the area and, with a hotel operating all year round the Park will be able to provide more full time jobs, as well as other spin-off benefits to the local community with associated spending by the hotel, guests and its staff. Additionally, by increasingly offering activity for 365 days a year, and spreading customer visits more evenly, this will reduce the peaks in traffic movements and improve the operation of the Park.

The hotel development follows on from the success of THORPE PARK’s latest thrill installation, SAW – The Ride. The world’s first ever horror-movie themed rollercoaster included a total investment of £13.5m and joins an impressive portfolio of rides and attractions that have taken the Park’s total investment to over £50m in the past 10 years, including investment in improved infrastructure and customer service".


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Re: Thorpe Park Waterside Hotel

Post by ThorpeParkUpdates on Mon May 11, 2009 9:16 am

I would prefer a new coaster instead of a hotel.
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