Thorpe Park 27th May 2009

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Thorpe Park 27th May 2009

Post by Daniel on Thu May 28, 2009 6:12 am

Great time at the park yesterday, wasn't as busy as I expected which was good but that was because all it did for most of the day was rain, rain, rain!

So pleased that the steam is working on Nemesis Inferno now. I heard that Stealth had a rollback. Not suprising it was crawling over the top hat when I watched it. Closed for a while due to the weather and managed to join the queue just as it reopened. Colossus' queue was moving so slow, queue time was around 1.30hr - longest in the park. Saw was about 45mins.

Ride Count =
Saw: The Ride (Front Seat) - 1
Stealth (Front Seat) - 1
Nemesis Inferno - 2
Colossus - 1
X:/ No Way Out - 1
Flying Fish -1

Quantum - 1
Vortex - 1
Zodiac - 1
Canada Creek Railway - 1
Rumba Rapids - 1
Chief Rangers Carousel - 1
Storm in a Teacup -1
Rush - 1
Slammer - 1
Samurai -1

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